Focus on Core Business.
Gain Outside Perspective.

Tap into combined 100+ years of trusted knowledge, experience and wisdom in the domain name industry.

What We Do

We help our clients become more efficient and make better business decisions. We understand the domain industry ecosystem, the players and how technology and data-driven decisions can be used to improve your business.

We are passionate about how domains facilitate a connection between humans and information. This motivates us to work together with you, sharing our knowledge and resources so we can collaboratively grow your business.

How We Can Help


Win with a Solid Strategy

Leverage the 100+ years of trusted knowledge, experience and wisdom of our senior staff in the domain name and hosting industries.

Go to Market Strategy
Premium Names Strategy
China Market Entry and Financial Business Case Guidance & Analysis
Applying for your own TLD (contemplated ICANN “second round”)
Buying or selling a TLD
Pricing Strategy

Grow revenue with Sales & Marketing

Benefit from our vast and direct experience in strategically on-boarding new registrars, pursuing opportunities within the channel and the domain industry to create a growing, sustainable and long-term recurring revenue base for your TLD properties.

Promotion development, execution and tracking
Registrar Onboarding
Platforms, websites and portal development

Leverage your Premium Names assets

Premium names are a valuable asset for your registry. We can help you find, appraise and implement your premium names list to maximise your asset.

Premium names appraisal
Premium names audit
Portfolio pricing
Website integration

Optimize your Registry Frontend

We’ve applied for, owned, launched, successfully operated and sold our own TLD, and assisted our client TLDs with the same. Let us help you save on resources and reduce stress.

Operations Management

Day-to-day operational and administrative tasks
Liaising with your backend provider

System Development

We can design, develop and operate basically any digital service, system or portal (front-end or back-end) for registries, registrars and resellers


Registry accounting and bookkeeping


Ensure Compliance

Tailoring your terms and conditions to be in line with your business objectives, can be the most effective way to be in compliance with ICANN and your ccTLD Registry Agreements.

Our team has many years of experience within the ICANN eco system both as a registry and a registrar. We can ensure that your policies and systems are in compliance and staying compliant in this changing regulatory environment.

ICANN policy and compliance management, engagement
Registrar policy management
Contract management (RA, RRA, RAA)
Guidance and compliance in the China market
Compliance with EU directives and legislations

Protect your reputation

Domain name abuse hurts your Registry´s reputation. To manage abuse efficiently, you need policies that define acceptable use and provide you legal justification in order to take action.

iQ’s senior Compliance and Policy staff can assist you in developing or reviewing existing policies if needed. We can also assist in developing internal routines and practices to help you most efficiently enforce your policies.

iQ also has tools to effectively mitigate abuse within your namespace, independent of the volume.

Abuse Management
Abuse Prevention Strategies
Abuse Policy Development & Enforcement

Meet the team

Tap into combined 100+ years of trusted knowledge, experience and wisdom in the domain name industry.


LG Forsberg

LG is a veteran in the domain name industry with 20 years of experience working at both the registry and the registrar-side of the business. Starting as the registrar manager at the largest registrar in Sweden, Loopia, before moving over to working with the ccTLD .nu in 2010. In 2013 LG joined the Swedish registry (.se), where he still consults on technical, sales, and policy issues.

LG is the CTO of iQ.

Pinky Brand

Pinky has 26 years of domain industry experience — many of those spent at the registry and registrar levels, doing business in China, providing consulting to new gTLD startups and investors interested in the domain space. He co-founded two domain industry startups and sold them to public companies back when many had never heard of WHOIS, ccTLDs, and the concept of managing domain portfolios online across multiple providers.

At iQ, Pinky helps registry clients leverage data, improve insight and grow their business, along with strategic, operational, and policy consulting.


Steinar Grøtterød

Steinar has a wealth of experience in the Domain Industry and is well respected for his compliance expertise by his peers in the ICANN community. Before working with IQ, Steinar has worked in a compliance capacity for both the .global gTLD, TLD Registry, and CORENIC. He also has extensive experience from the registrar's perspective, having managed the domain business unit for Active24, the largest Scandinavian Registrar with over 600,000 DUMs.

Steinar is the Director of Registry Operations and Compliance for iQ.

Su Wu

Su, compared to the rest of the team, is a domain newbie, having only been in the industry since the start of the new round of gTLDs in 2011. She was involved in the application process for multiple new gTLDs right through to the launch and operations of .global. Before this, Su worked in the telecommunications industry.

Su is the COO for iQ and is responsible for the day to day operations of the company.


Rolf Larsen

Rolf is a disruptive innovator by trade and by practice and is a long-standing, recognized pioneer of Internet access, Domain name registrar and Web Hosting services in Europe and Scandinavia. He has founded multiple technology businesses in a multitude of innovative spaces, which include Web Conferencing, Web Hosting, Mobile Applications, ISPs and domain registry.

Rolf is the Chairman and co-founder of iQ.

Soeren von Varchmin

Soeren is currently the CEO of CloudFest and NamesCon - the largest events for the Cloud Service Provider, respective Domain Industries. He co-founded Parallels (with spin-offs Plesk and Odin) and had various roles in Europe, Asia and US during that tenure. After that he collected experience in the VC field as Entrepreneur in Residence for Runa Capital. Runa investments during that time include companies such as Jelastic, Ecwid, NGINX or Cloudlinux.


Michael B. Halvorsen

Michael has over 20 years of experience in the domain name industry. He is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded Active 24, the largest Scandinavian Registrar, CloudNames, a new gTLD provider, .GLOBAL registry to name a few. Michael is an innovator who has the vision, skills, and passion for using technology to improve the way we do things.

Michael is the CEO and co-founder of iQ.

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